Project Description

Bio-inspired interfaces for the development of next generation degradable multi-phase materials.

Dopamine, a well-known neurotransmitter, also has unique properties to promote adhesion between different materials - similar to the adhesive proteins of mussel byssus that allow them to adhere to almost any surface. In recent years, many efforts have been made to explore this effect.

The InsBIOration project aims to transfer this fundamental knowledge to industrial applications to create a universal platform for the "green" production of sustainable and recyclable functional and hybrid materials for a wide range of applications.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers and industry representatives from Germany, France, Romania, Slovenia and Finland is contributing their expertise to contribute to different steps of the innovation chain - from the fundamental understanding of dopamine adhesion to the fabrication of prototype multiphase materials for antipathogenic surfaces, batteries, supercapacitors and polymer-metal hybrids to the development of decomposition and biodegradation strategies.